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Red List 2016

The conservation status of Swiss vascular plant was assessed via complex project involving also the valuable collaboration of over 400 volunteering experts. The Red List revision shows that the situation of the Swiss flora has worsened, unfortunately.

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Mission Flora

Mission Flora

Every month you can discover new plant species at historical sites! Or keep track of all species from your preferred region!

The projects “Mission discovery” and “Mission inventory” allow you to appreciate hidden treasures and make new discoveries in the Swiss flora.

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Online Fieldbook Version 2

The second and completely updated version of our Online Fieldbook is now available.
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info flora plus - The botanical journal of Switzerland 

The current info flora plus Magazin is a collaborative effort of several institutions involved in the Swiss botanical tradition. Enjoy reading reports about the world of plants  → download

Advances in Floristics of the Swiss Flora

Advances 2017: Toxic plants are everywhere in our flora and have long been of interest to humans. For this year's Advances, we have selected some new records of very rare species of toxic plants spottet after the work by Welten & Sutter (1982) and some common species recorded between the last Red List of 2002 and the end of 2016. After this article, we hope to receive lots of new records of toxic plants.  → Download

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28.11.17 – Info Species Weiterbildungskurse 2018

Die neue Broschüre der Info Species Weiterbildungskurse für 2018 ist erschienen.

13.01.17 – SWIFCOB 17

«Bewahren oder Gestalten? Perspektiven für die Biodiversität in einem dynamischen Umfeld»

13.09.16 – Neue Rote Liste

Der Zustand der Schweizer Flora hat sich in den letzen Jahren nochmals leicht verschlimmert. Das zeigt die Revision der Roten Liste der Gefässpflanzen, die im Auftrag des BAFU ausgeführt wurde.

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