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Red List

Threatened habitats of Switzerland 2016

Among the 167 evaluated types of the Swiss habitats classification, 48 % (79 natural and seminatural habitats) are included on the Swiss Red List according to the criteria proposed by the IUCN and 13 % (22 habitats) are Near Threatened (NT). Aquatic ecosystems, mires and bogs and agroecosystems are the most threatened. This report describes the methodology applied and presents for all evaluated habitats their threat status together with the international responsibility of Switzerland for these habitats. The habitat typology is based on the Swiss Habitat Classification TypoCH (which mostly corresponds with the level of phytosociological alliances). Evaluations are also given for Emerald habitats as well as for more detailed classifications of rivers and forests.



PDF «Rote Liste Lebensräume – Gefährdete Lebensräume der Schweiz 2016»

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