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In short...

Everyone can improve our knowledge on the Swiss flora and promote its conservation! Below, an overview of concrete actions that you can undertake.

My observations

You found an interesting plant? Transmit your observation. Each data counts because each observation contributes to the updating of our knowledge and to a better understanding of the distribution of species.
To make your life easier, InfoFlora offers smartphone apps and an online booklet to transmit and manage your observations.

Mission Flora

Within the framework of the Mission Flora project, we propose concrete actions for the conservation of Swiss Flora. For example:

  • Look for rare plant in localities that have not been confirmed for a long time
  • Monitor known localities of endangered plants and alert in case of a threat
  • Explore a region to discover new plant localities

Regional inventories

InfoFlora supports several floristic inventory projects throughout Switzerland. Find a list of these projects here.

Citizen Science

Find out more proposals for engaging yourself concretely for the wild flora here.