Request data

Occurency data of vascular plants and  macroalgae of the Info Flora database are made available for scientific research and for projects in the area of nature conservation. The spatial accuracy with which the requested data can be provided depends on the context of your project and the confidentiality of the individual data. Data usage is regulated by the guidelines (in German) of the national data centers. 

Data is extracted upon request. Please use the following data request form

If, in addition to the floristic data, you also need to request data about other groups of organisms (fauna, cryptogams), please address your request directly to Info Species.


A fee is charged for processing the data requests. The tariffs of Info Species apply:
Reduced Tariff: CHF 75.-
Standard Tariff: CHF 175.-
For federal government, cantons, public research institutions, parks, nature conservation organizations and other associations, or foundations with non-commercial purposes, the service is free of charge. The reduced tariff applies to municipalities and to contractors of the Confederation, cantons and municipalities.

Important notes:

  • For an accurate interpretation of the data it is essential to pay attention to the different codes and expertises. These include information about negative findings, uncertain and dubious identifications, accuracy of coordinates, origin of the coordinates, etc. Codes and expertises are listed in the legend for data users. 
  • Data density and data actuality can vary significantly depending on the region and the species. Indeed, for many species, only a small part of the actual occurrences are included as point data in the Info Flora database. Therefore a lack of data from a particular location does not mean that the species does not occur in that location. 
  • Info Flora can not fully verify the identification and coordinates of every incoming record of plant species occurrence; therefore, it does not guarantee the correctness of the information.