In collaboration with Raymond Delarze and the working group Vegetatio Helvetica, the current useful classifications of Swiss habitats are made available on the Info Flora website.



The classification found here corresponds to the publication "Lebensräume der Schweiz" (Delarze, Gonseth, Eggenberg & Vust 2015). the book was published in 2015 in ott-Verlag.

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The classification found here has been developed since 2010 by the working group Vegetatio Helvetica, coordinated by Patrice Prunier (hepia Lullier) and supported by the Federal Office for Environment, by the Institute Terre Nature Environnement (hepia) and by the University of Lausanne. It aims at providing a short description of each plant community (vegetation type) found in Switzerland. The methods used are described in: Prunier P., Greulich F., Béguin Cl., Delarze R., Hegg O., Klötlzi F., Pantke R., Steiger P., Vittoz P. 2014. Un référentiel pour les associations végétales de Suisse : PhytoSuisse. Documents phytosociologiques, 3, 1:403-411.

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