About us

Info Flora is a private, non-profit foundation that documents and promotes wild plants in Switzerland. Founding members of the foundation include the city of Geneva, Pro Natura, and the Swiss Botanical Society (SBS) and the Swiss Academy of Natural Sciences (sc-nat). The foundation is based in Geneva.

According to the the foundation’s statutes, Info Floras’s tasks are to:

  • Build and maintain a national database
  • Collect records about the Swiss flora and report them into maps
  • Support floristic inventories in all regions of Switzerland
  • Provide suitable instruments for recording floristic notes
  • Collect and publish information on the Swiss flora
  • Support conservation and promotion of native wild plants
  • Support the knowledge of the wild plants through publications and courses
  • Collaborate with the authorities (the Confederation, cantons, municipalities) in all issues about species conservation
  • Maintain exchanges and contacts with similar institutions abroad

 Organigram and members of the Foundation

 Team and offices

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The foundation is financially supported by the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) and sc-nat.

The offices of Info Flora in Geneva, Bern and Lugano are valuably supported, respectively, by:

Info Flora is recognized as a national data and information center by the FOEN and collaborates closely with the other national data centers, which all have joint efforts under the collective name "Info Species".


Info Flora: emerged from the union of ZDSF and SKEW

The ZDSF (German abbreviation for Center of the Data Network of the Swiss Flora) and the SKEW (German abbreviation for Swiss Commission for the Conservation of Wild Plants) have been offering their services jointly under the name of Info Flora since 2012. This has resulted in a national platform on which data and information on the occurrence, threat,conservation status, protection, and biology of the Swiss flora are made publicly available or can be submitted and reported.