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FlorApp 3.0 is here!

10-07-2023 Info

Drum roll please: FlorApp 3.0 is here!

We are delighted to present the new version of FlorApp with some long-awaited innovations: In FlorApp 3.0 you will now find the photo recognition tool "FlorID". FlorID was developed as a cooperation between InfoFlora and the WSL and we hope it will be helpful for your determinations in the future. An automatic photo recognition cannot replace a competent and careful identification, but it can, for example, provide first hints or give more certainty after the identification. You can find out more about the advantages, limitations and functionality of FlorID on the corresponding webseite.



It is now also possible in FlorApp to create an observation directly from a photo. If the location of the photo is saved in the metadata of the photo and FlorApp has the corresponding authorisation, the observation is created directly with the correct geographic position. In addition, a photo is now integrated in FlorApp for many species. A click on the photo leads you directly to the (also expanded) photo gallery of the corresponding species portrait on our website.



More about FlorID and other identidication aids