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CWR: The wild relatives of our crops

02-03-2023 Info

Peas and carrots? A wild theme of the year...

Have you noticed our new banner? This year, InfoFlora is focusing on the wild relatives of cultivated plants, the so-called CWR species ("Crop Wild Relatives"). These are often neglected and we are not sufficiently aware of the potential of our native flora. The goal of 2023 is to change that. The immediate past in particular has made us aware that supply security of food and pharmaceuticals is anything but guaranteed. Of course, we cannot go back and feed ourselves on berries and roots (even though wild strawberries are delicious!) - but many wild plants still harbour unknown active ingredients or the potential for disease-resistant cultivars. The hidden treasure of CWR is just one of the reasons why we need to preserve our flora and stop the loss of species.

More information and a quiz on CWR species can be found on our new CWR page. You can also look forward to excursion recommendations, exciting new missions and various articles in FloraCH on the topic of CWR.


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