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Annotated Checklist published

17-10-2018 Info

The Annotated Checklist explains the making of the official Swiss Checklist. What taxa have been chosen for the list, and why? Why are there differences to other Checklists such as Euro+Med plantbase? The Annotated Checklist provide answers.

The Checklist 2017 lists all taxa officially accepted by Info Flora, the Swiss national flora database. It is setting the national standard for plant naming inside Switzerland.

The now published Annotated Checklist explains the making of the Swiss Checklist, illustrates the selected taxonomic concepts, provides and explains names for more than 4500 taxa found wild in Switzerland and around. Many taxa and used concepts are referenced to taxonomic literature.

The Annotated Checkliste is part of the Flora Helvetica product series in order to underline the link between names and morphological descritions. Other products like the Flora Helvetica field key give definitions to the Checklist units which thereby become «taxonymes» (linked taxonomic units).

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