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Bauhin 2022: 15 & 16 September 2022, University of Basel

01-01-2022 Event

Bauhin2022: Symposium in honour of Caspar Bauhin (1560-1624)

Caspar Bauhin, (1560-1624) was the first professor of Botany at the University of Basel, and one of the most prominent plant systematists of his time, a forerunner of Linnaeus. He pioneered the study of plants in their natural environment and founded one of the first botanical university gardens north of the Alps in Basel in 1589.

Four hundred years ago, in 1622, he published his groundbreaking Flora of Basel "Catalogus Plantarum circa Basileam sponte nascentium", one of the first comprehensive local flora with location information. Caspar Bauhin's herbarium in Basel is one of the oldest preserved herbaria in the world and served as the working basis for his flora.

The symposium spans 400 years from the beginnings of research into local floras to the current importance of herbaria for botanical research in the fields of systematics, evolution and global change. The aim of the symposium is to stimulate research based on botanical collections through exchange between scientists from different disciplines.


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