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1.1.3. Wasserlinsengesellschaften


List of species

bold Dominant species, influencing the appearance of the habitat
Character species Character species
Less strictly linked to a specific habitat Less strictly linked to a specific habitat

Scientific name English name
Character species Azolla filiculoides Lam.NGrosser Algenfarn
Character species Hydrocharis morsus-ranae L.Froschbiss
Character species Lemna gibba L.Buckelige Wasserlinse
Character species Lemna minor L.Kleine Wasserlinse
Character species Lemna minuta Humb. & al.NWinzige Wasserlinse
Character species Lemna trisulca L.Dreifurchige Wasserlinse
Character species Spirodela polyrhiza (L.) Schleid.Teichlinse
Character species Stratiotes aloides L.Krebsschere
Character species Wolffia arrhiza (L.) Wimm.NEntenlinse
Less strictly linked to a specific habitat Utricularia australis R. Br.Südlicher Wasserschlauch
Less strictly linked to a specific habitat Utricularia vulgaris L.Gemeiner Wasserschlauch


Status according to the habitat priority list at the national level

National Priority 3: medium national priority
Need to take action 2:
International responsibility 1: weak

Status on national Red List 2016

IUCN status:   Vulnerable

LC: Non menacé

Additional information

IUCN criteria: A1,CD3a

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    CRCritically Endangered
    NTNear Threatened
    LCLeast Concern

Legal protection (NCHO appendix 1)

Natural habitat worthy of protection

Regeneration status 2016

Regeneration class 1: less than 5 years