Online fieldbook for invasive neophytes

To obtain more information on the distribution of invasive neophytes and the damage they cause, it is important not only to report the sites, but also the measures taken and the success checks done. For such reports, the online fieldbook for invasive neophytes, available online, should be used. 

Query mode (without login)
Data on invasive neophytes are publicly accessible.
The BILANZ of a point includes a summary of all records associated to that point.
The FILTER allows you to select one or more species of your choice.

Data input mode (with login)
The FORM can be used to enter new observations, success checks and measures taken, as well. 
Under BEOBACHTUNGEN you can consult and modify your own data.

To enter large amounts of data or surfaces (polygons, shape files), please contact Info Flora: info[at]

Download the instructions to the online fieldbook for invasive neophytes

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