It has never been so easy to capture your plant records and observations as with your smartphone. Info Flora provides several apps for field botanists for both Android and iPhone and free of charge. In this way, observations during your excursions or field work can be recorded and saved on site and, as soon as a connection is available, be sent directly to Info Flora. The apps also allow you to add photos. When you are back at home, your observations can then be viewed and edited in your personal account of the online fieldbook.


FlorApp is the latest app from Info Flora. This app allows you to select the project (in form of a folder) in which you want to save your data. In addition, you can also place coordinates of your floristic notes manually using aerial images (alternatively to the automatic acquisition with the GPS). You can also use FlorApp to record mosses, lichens and fungi; those records are then forwarded directly to the Swiss data centers in charge of these organisms. 




InvasivApp is a new smartphone application for the detection of invasive neophytes, their control and their success control. It allows to record data quickly and to view it on a map. InvasivApp is a valuable tool for both laymen and professionals as it supports their effort to prevent further spread of invasive alien plants.


Other apps

Two other Apps allow you to send your observations to Info Flora:

Info Flora App: this in 2014 published app is still available. However, Info Flora recommends to use the newer FlorApp, and hence to take advantage of the many additional useful functions.
Flora Helvetica: developed by Haupt Verlag, this app costs 100 CHF and can also record data and send them to Info Flora.