Species conservation

Biological diversity is declining all over the world - and humans are the main resposabile. Because of human activities like overbuilding, industralization, intensified agriculture and forestry, recreational activities, etc. many for many organisms vital habitats have dimished, been degraded or desappeared completely. Also, the spread of alien species threatens native animal and plant species and contributes to the global biodiversity impoverishment.

Species conservation and promotion begins with securing their biotopes. Many endangered species, however, need specifically-adapted measures. To define such measures it is necessary to gain fundamental knowledge of the specie's biology and distribution and of any threat factor and possible conservation measures as well. Given the often limited available resources, it is often only possible to adopt conservation measures for selected species, which are usually also declared as priority species.

Aware of the importance of biodiversity, countries all over the world have developed national laws and signed international conventions in which they commit to preserving biodiversity for future generations.

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