Data request form

Please, fill out the data request form and send it as pdf form or scan by email to:  info[a.t]   (replace [a.t] with @)

If, in addition to vascular plants or marcroalgae, you also need to request data about other groups of organisms (fauna, cryptogams), please address your request directly to Info Species (info[a.t]

Together with the data request form, please also send the following documents (if applicable):

  • Project perimeter (shapefile or map)
  • List of desired species
  • Order confirmation (for public orders)

By submitting the data request, you agree to comply with the data usage guidelines.

If the case of any field surveys for the project, the applicants commit to submit to Info Flora a copy of the collected floristic raw data in an suitable format (FlorApp, Online-Fieldbook, Excel‐spreadsheet, etc.). For data reporting in a professional context (cunsulting offices and conservation departments) please refer to the leaflet about out data reporting tools.

Processing of data requests can take up to two weeks.


A fee is charged for processing the data requests. The tariffs of Info Species apply:
Reduced Tariff: CHF 75.-
Standard Tariff: CHF 175.-
For federal government, cantons, public research institutions, parks, nature conservation organizations and other associations, or foundations with non-commercial purposes, the service is free of charge. The reduced tariff applies to municipalities and to contractors of the Confederation, cantons and municipalities.

Export format

The data is usually delivered as an Excel list in a uniform Info Species export format. If you obtain data for several groups of organisms, the lists of the individual data centers can be easily merged.

For certain special applications it may make sense to obtain the data in our extended export format. This also includes observations with doubtful determination and absence reports, details on species identification, notes on vegetation surveys, detailed references for observations out of herbarium and literature, etc.